Moe's was born from a true love of coffee and community, and has been built one cup at a time to become the daily gathering place for locals and a must-stop for travelers. We were raised in the northwest, exploring the Cascade Mountains and swimming in the Puget Sound. We've usually got a coffee in hand (well, sometimes a beer or glass of wine), we love people, we love conversation, and we love traveling. We've combined our favorite elements of northwest coffee, Italian wine, craft beer, ski towns, and much more to create this unique place that so many people have come to love. We call it Moe's.

We can't wait to see you, Cheers Friend!




We love good coffee, simple as that, so we only serve the best. We source delicious blends by Caffe D'arte and pull our espresso shots 2-3 times slower than average, resulting in beautifully creamy and rich coffee. What if it doesn't turn out just right? We dump it. A shot wasted? So what, you deserve a good cup of coffee. Every time.




There's nothing quite like a fresh baked pastry, the smell drifting out of the back as you sip on your coffee. That's why we bake a delicious batch of fresh Moe's Scones or our house made biscuits every morning! We source a variety of local bakeries as well, many of which offer fantastic gluten-free choices that you are sure to love!